On the initiative of the Institute of Higher Education of the NAPS of Ukraine


British Council, the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education of the United Kingdom initiated the development of the leadership potential of universities and at the end of 2015 announced a competition for participation in the project.

Based on the common agreements of the Institute of Higher Education of the NAPS of Ukraine, British Council in Ukraine, the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (UK) and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, a competition was announced for participation of Ukrainian institutions of higher education in the second cycle of the Programme for the development of leadership potential of universities in Ukraine. The program selection committee received about 100 applications from the universities in Ukraine that were carefully considered. As a result 12 winners were chosen, among of which there is a team from Donetsk National Technical University.

The programme aims at promoting the reforms of the higher education sector through the development of leadership potential of the universities in Ukraine. It is planned to involve 40 Ukrainian universities in the Programme within three years (2015 – 2018).

As a result of implementation of the programme in 2018 is expected to achieve the following results:

  • Starting a national network of “agents of change” – specialists who are ready to implement innovative changes in their institutions of higher education
  • Implementing 40 inter-university exchanges between partner universities in Ukraine and the UK
  • Introducing the mechanisms for dissemination, cooperation and exchange of effective practice of development of the leadership potential of universities
  • Effective application of leadership potential of the “agents of change” in the system of higher education or in a separate university through recognition of their status and improvement of the achievement indicators of the university
  • A clear understanding by the universities their roles and responsibilities in terms of enhanced autonomy through the renewal of university policies.

The purpose of the project team DonNTU is to reform qualitatively the local communities and businesses through the use of scientific, cultural and educational potential of the university, strengthen the social role and enhance the active participation of the university in the public life of the society on the basis of increasing the autonomy of the institution.

Project objectives:

  • intensification and strengthening the role of the university in the public life of the city;
  • active interaction with the community organizations in order to develop the potential of the society and the involvement of many local communities in the joint projects;
  • educational, cultural and sports activities organized and held for the local community by the university student organization in order to enhance social consciousness, solidarity and development of civic and patriotic consciousness of the community.
  • creating a platform for interaction between university students and pupils of schools, lyceums and colleges in order to promote their professional self-determination while taking into account the specifics of the region and the needs of the labor market;
  • activities aimed at the formation of social consciousness and level of patriotism of the local community;
  • developing a mechanism of effective interaction of the university with the business community on training the employees of enterprises at Donetsk National Technical University and a full realization of human capacity in the region.

Team Leader: Alexandra Sled,  Associate Professor of Department of Management, PhD.

Contact: Tel.: 050-602-39-80. E-mail: oleksandra.sled@ukr.net

Team members:

  • Irina Shvets, Vice-Rector for International Relations, Professor, Doctor of Economics;
  • Anna Voropaeva, Associate Professor of Department of Automation and Telecommunications;
  • Andrey Surzhenko, Dean of Faculty of Machine Building, Environmental Technology and Chemical Technologies, Associate Professor;
  • Alexander Miroshkin, Dean of Faculty of Computer Science and Technologies, Associate Professor;
  • Galina Lysenko, Head of Department on work with student organizations;
  • Svyatoslav Yakimenko, a student of Donetsk National Technical University


Schedule of the Programme:

  •   February 2016 – Introductory Training, Development Centre (Kyiv);
  •   February – March 2016 – Team working on the project draft at the university;
  •   March 2016 – Submission of the applications for a grant within the component of Academic Partnership Awards to the British University with a view to supporting the project;
  •   May 2016 – Module 1 of the component of Future Leadership Development (Kyiv);
  •   June 2016 – Training, Change Academy (Kyiv);
  •   June 2016 – January 2017 – Implementation of the team project (at the home university and visit to the United Kingdom);
  •   October 2016 – Module 2 of the component of Future Leadership Development (Kyiv);
  •   September 2016 – Seminar on project monitoring (Kyiv);
  •   January 2017 – Module 3 of the component of Future Leadership Development (Kyiv);
  •   February 2017 – Presentation of the project by the team leaders – the component of Team Leaders Debrief (Kyiv).

Project implementation by the team from DonNTU

Events organized by the team leaders of DonNTU

Festival “From the country to Ukraine”

The agreements with the business partners from “Phoenix- Contact” and “Avdeyevka Coking Plant” on the establishment of a training center for businesses and students on diagnostics of industrial equipment

Celebrating the 95th Anniversary of Donetsk National Technical University

Celebrating the Day of Europe

“Job Fair”

Patriotic and educational activities for the local and community during “The week in Memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes”

Creative workshops for the young people of Pokrovsk “Develop yourself with DonNTU”