Project acronym: «HETES»

National Joint Project                                                  

Priority Curricular Reform

Project duration: 1 December 2013 – 30 November 2016 (extend until 31.08.2017)

EU funding instrument:

Interregional program European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument

Tempus grant amount: 916 072,14 €

Target group: educators, students, LLL audience, industry, society at large.

Grant holder: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Project goals and objectives:

  • To develop training course Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development for MSc, PhD Programs and LLL audience covering industrial sectors of Mining, Metallurgy, Energy, Machine-building and Mechatronics.
  • To bring engineering curriculum where interdisciplinary environmental aspects are adequately focused.
  • To create Interfaculty Sustainable Development Centres in 5 Ukrainian HEIs.
  • To establish platform for networking between academia, research, industry and authorities towards needs of sustainable society.


  • Study of best European practices in the reform of higher engineering education towards the demands of sustainable development.
  • Elaboration of Brochure «Training engineers for sustainable development: EU experience».
  • Definition of skills, qualifications and learning outcomes.
  • Development of the content for new course for MSc, PhD Programmes.
  • Development of the course materials.
  • Selective update of existing taught disciplines.
  • Development of human resources for Interfaculty Centres.
  • Elaboration of Action Plan «Higher education for environmentally sustainable industrial development».
  • Establishment of Interfaculty Sustainable Development Centres.
  • Establishment of the Joint Curriculum Boards.
  • Acquaintance with EU experience of lifelong learning.
  • Development of methodological recommendations on the reform of continued education.
  • Development of LLL course Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development.

Expected results:

  • Training course «Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development» for MSc, PhD Programs developed and taught at 5 Ukrainian universities.
  • New engineering curriculum, focused on interdisciplinary environmental aspects, implemented towards 6 directions of study (MSc, PhD levels) in 5 Ukrainian universities.
  • Over 150 Ukrainian staff members learned European experience in curriculum development and institution-building towards the needs of sustainable development.
  • Interfaculty Sustainable Development Centres established at 5 Ukrainian universities.
  • LLL course and Model of Best Industrial Practice offered to industry.