Main areas of activity and functions of the department

The Department of International Relations is a unit of Donetsk National Technical University and is headed by the Vice-Rector for International Relations. The functions of the department aim at establishing and developing international cooperation of the University in scientific, educational and other fields via organizational arrangements regarding the search for foreign partners, foreign funding sources, as well as providing a solid foundation for cooperation with foreign educational institutions, research institutions, international organizations, funds, etc. The priority activity of the Department is facilitating the international communication of the University and its participation in international projects, grants and programs.

The major activities of the Department of International relations:

  • making agreements on international cooperation in education, research, training and retraining of employees of the University, teaching and training of undergraduate students and graduates abroad;
  • supervising the implementation of joint projects and programs;
  • hosting international conferences;
  • setting up international organizations, associations of scientific and educational institutions for business cooperation;
  • organizing cultural exchanges;
  • implementing other forms of international cooperation.

The basis for international cooperation is mutually beneficial bilateral or multilateral agreements between State Higher Educational Institution  Donetsk National Technical University and its foreign partners, as well as international projects of the University. All the agreements and projects are registered and kept in the Department. All the documents which are sent abroad for participation in contests and signing agreements are subject to registration.

The main functions of the department:

  • search for foreign partners with a view to starting international cooperation;
  • making the structural divisions of the University informed of international programs, projects and assisting them in the preparation and registration of necessary documents;
  • advising employees, undergraduates and graduates of the University on training abroad and making them informed of existing international programs, funds and scholarships;
  • preparation of official documents for the lecturers, students and other staff of the University when they are sent abroad;
  • receiving foreign delegations and citizens arriving at the University by invitation and arranging their stay;
  • creating a database of the employees and students who are fluent in foreign languages with the aim oftheir further participation in international programs and projects;
  • preparation of the documents which regulate the international activity of the University (regulations, orders, directives, guidelines, etc.).
  • facilitating the international cooperation of the university;
  • international correspondence.