Visit of young scientists – Leonard Euler scholars to the University of Stuttgart

8-5-2018    International Cooperation , International Cooperation , Studying abroad   470   

In March Senior Teacher, Y. Dikova and undergraduate students, A. Lyubimov, I. Bereza and G. Neshchadina visited the Center for High Performance Computing at Stuttgart University (Germany) within the framework of Leonard Euler’s scholarship program from DAAD. They did their research under the supervision of Professor of Department of Computer Engineering V. Svyatny. During the scientific internship, we were given the CFD lecture and practical course with Open FOAM, which was taught by the scientists from the University of Stuttgart, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Siegen University and the Regensburg University of Technology. At the end of the course, all the participants received certificates.

In order to see the possibilities of the Center, we visited the laboratories of high-performance computing, the laboratory of modeling and visualization. As part of the research work, we did a number of experiments on parallel computing and parallel simulation of complex dynamic systems in the computer laboratories of the University. We found the meetings with the teachers of the related departments of the University interesting and useful. During those meetings we learnt about the modern developments in the industry, 4.0 industry and the work of models.

The program of the visit included the participation in the Second International Conference SimTech 2018, which was held at the University of Stuttgart. During the conference, we were able to talk with the representatives of the research institutes and universities and Honored Doctors of DonNTU.

The most important result of the internship was establishing business contacts with the representatives of the University who are responsible for the work of the clusters of the Center. This experience will help the university teachers and post-graduate students of the department to set up a specialized laboratory on ultra-efficient computing at DonNTU, which will become the main laboratory for parallel computing and simulation research. Such support of European colleagues and close cooperation is an integral and very important part of the development of the scientific school of Prof. V. Svyatny.

Visiting Stuttgart does not only mean constant research and experiments. Germany is an amazing country, which impresses you with its hospitality and courtesy of the people and also the beauty of the small cities. The Germans diligently look after the old buildings and streets which take you back in time while strolling along them. Germany has lots of castles, temples, monuments built in the ancient times. There are beautiful cities with large forest parks and wild birds, where you can have a good time walking with your friends. So, we will cherish the hope for our further visits to Germany!

Y. Dikova,
Senior Lecturer of the Department of Computer Engineering
A. Lyubimov, I. Bereza, G. Neshchadina,
Undergraduate students