Pokrovsk– Kaiserslautern: cooperation continues

18-9-2018    International Cooperation   309   

In August 2018, the lecturers of the Donetsk National Technical University, Andriy Toporov, PavloTretyakov and Olga Alekseyeva attended the Technical University of Kaiserslautern within the framework of joint studies of nanoparticles. This time, research was conducted on the implementation of jointly developed mathematical models in the form of numerical solutions. It should be noted that the Technical University of Kaiserslautern has one of the most powerful computing clusters in the German universities and a complex of licensed software. Thanks to the support of the Head of the Department of Mechanical Technology of Particles and the Honorary Doctor of Donetsk National Technical University, Sergey Antonyuk, the scientists From DonNTU got an access to the computing resources of the cluster. Using the modern software complexes on simulation the scientists managed to do all the planned calculations very quickly.

In addition, the scientists have signed an agreement on the transfer of the equipment needed for the study of nanoparticles to DonNTU. The equipment will enable to study nanoparticles in the size of 40 nm in different gases and liquids. This will greatly enhance the opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students in carrying out scientific work.

7The western colleagues are very friendly to Ukraine and the Ukrainians; they understand our problems and are always happy to help. The planned events included a trilateral meeting with Professor of Kaunas Technological University (Lithuania), Rasa Šlinkšienė. During the meeting, the scientists discussed a possibility for the joint research involving postgraduates and graduate students. The first and the main step on the way of successful cooperation should be the proficiency in foreign languages of the Ukrainian postgraduates and graduate students. The ability to do research with Western colleagues using advanced equipment is the best motivation for learning foreign languages.6

Europe does not only impress with its scientific achievements but also with its tourist attractions. For example, near the town of Andernach, which is only 200 km from Kaiserslautern, there is the world’s largest cold geyser with a unique natural water discharge system. The scientists from DonNTU were also able to see some German cultural and historical monuments. We look forward to our further cooperation and success in scientific projects.

Andriy Toporov,
Acting Head of Department of Equipment for Processing Technological Complexes