Internship of Teachers from Department of Language Training at the Otto-von-Guericke-University (Germany)

23-10-2018    International Cooperation   222   

Recently, two teachers of the Department of LanguageTraining, O. Vereshchak and O. Popova, have trained at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg (OvGU) within the project “Technical courses of studies in German”, which was given with the support of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). The University of Magdeburg is one of the leading technical high institutions in Germany with great potential. More than 14,500 students from different countries study at the OvGU today.

The purpose of the visit was to improve teaching of the German language to the students of technical specialties of DonNTU, exchange the experience in teaching German and develop the German language proficiency. The visit took place thanks to the invitation of Professor Martin Wolter, Director of the Institute of Electrical Energy Systems and with the support of Professor of DonNTU, V. Svyatnyi.

On the first day of our stay we were welcomed with a tour of the campus, academic buildings, laboratories and the university library. Some particular attention was given to the university laboratories, which can occupy the whole floor and have the latest high-tech equipment. This makes practical classes even more interesting and provides the students with a great opportunity to do research. The University gives all its support to the students and teachers in their research.

Within one month we had an opportunity to learn about the teaching system at the German university. The program of stay involved attending the lectures, seminars and practical classes held by the teachers of the Department of Electric Networks and Renewable Energy Sources. The lecture course was accompanied by presentations and interesting experiments.

Learning about the organization of the educational process where everything is clearly regulated and thought out in detail was a positive experience for us. The university employees are very friendly and open for communication, they are happy to help or give advice. It was interesting and useful to meet yp with the lecturers at university departments, during which we learnt about modern developments in the field of wind power and production technologies. The leading research in the field of computer simulation enabled the faculty to obtain a grant for the development of an energy network for the whole of Europe.


For us, who are linguists, it was very useful to study the methodology of teaching technical disciplines, to learn technical terms and discover a variety of engineering vocabulary for ourselves. We are going to use the accumulated experience and the obtained materials to teach our students German for professional purposes. We also plan to make a glossary and some course books.

Our month stay in Magdeburg passed very quickly and it was rich in training, making new friends, trips to the picturesque cities of German which impressed us with their hospitality and openness. The pictures of landscapes, castles and monuments of ancient times will remind us of this fabulous country for a long time. We hope that Germany will open its hospitable doors for us, the Ukrainians,once again.

Oksana Vereshchak,
Аcting Head of the Department of International Relations

Oksana Popova,
Аssistant Lecturer of the Department of LanguageTraining