Participation of DonNTU in the international project «Progressive University Management» Brno, the Czech Republic): first weekly session

29-12-2017    International Cooperation   497   

DonNTU received an invitation from the American Council for International Education and the organizers of the Project for the Promotion of Academic Integrity in Ukraine (SAIUP) to take part in the project «Progressive University Management». The project was also hosted by the University of Tomasz Garika Masarika (the Czech Republic) and the Association for International Relations (the Czech Republic) supported by the Czech Development Agency. The project, which is aimed at giving more possibilities to the middle management staff of the Ukrainian universities, involves the participation of 25 universities, including three displaced ones, one of which is DonNTU.

At the beginning of December, the first weekly session was held in Brno. It was devoted to the internationalization of universities. The internship of representatives of more than twenty universities in Ukraine took place at Department of Social Pedagogy at Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Tomasz Garika Masarika, Brno (the Czech Republic). Iryna Shvets, Vice-Rector for International Relations represented DonNTU there.

The program of the session included a series of trainings and practical seminars devoted to the key issues of university internationalization in the modern global educational-scientific space. The participants of the educational tour got acquainted with the activities aimed at the internationalization of universities as a system institutional process. They also participated in the trainings on the topics: «What is needed to create a university which is open to international cooperation?» and «Inclusive internationalization: how to make the studies abroad affordable for students with special needs», as well as in seminars on international marketing of educational services.

The organizers of the internship paid considerable attention to the preparation and submission of grant applications, as well as the organization and implementation of grant projects by the Masaryk University, which is financed by the European Union bodies and institutions, as well as international non-governmental organizations.

Trainers from different European countries were also involved in the project. In particular, Len Middbelbeek, ex-director of international programs at The Hague University, shared his experience in promoting students to participate in international programs and projects, as well as studying at foreign universities, providing foreign students with assistance. The trainer shared his own experience of internationalizing curricula and educational programs focused on training specialists adapted to the requirements of the globalized labor market.

At the end of the internship, the representatives of the Ukrainian universities were given an opportunity to see how Teiresias: Department for the Support of Students with Special Needs works. By the way, there are more than five hundred students with special needs at the University of Masaryk. The university is highly rated among the European universities for that and it is considered as one of real achievements of the University of Masaryk. It managed to create the most comfortable conditions for learning and development for this category of students. In the future, the project means to include trainings on the evolution of the quality of education in higher education institutions and the introduction of inclusive education.

The week in the Czech Republic enabled us to explore the ancient city of Brno, stroll round its charming squares and feel the atmosphere of Christmas fair and holidays that are coming soon. The warm conversations with the colleagues made the trip unforgettable and rich in new friends and impressions.


Iryna Shvets,
Vice-Rector for International Relations,