New horizons for international scientific cooperation on water treatment project

22-1-2018    International Cooperation   460   


On January 19, there was a business meeting in the framework of international scientific and practical cooperation with the regional public utility company “Donbass Water”, which was held at the Konstyantinovska branch of the company.

DonNTU was represented by Irina Shvets, Vice Rector for International Relations and Yevgen Zbykovskyy, Head of Department of Chemical Technologies. The representatives from the public utility company “Donbass Water” included Olena Shyrokostup, Head of Central Laboratory and Arthur Kovalishen, Chief Engineer of the branch. Some representatives of OSCE mission in Ukraine headed by Terry McNamara also took part in the business meeting.

During the meeting, some prospects and areas of the joint scientific and technical cooperation on water treatment within the framework of international projects were discussed. The DonNTU representatives introduced the opportunities of a new laboratory of water quality which was opened on the basis of the Department of Chemical Technologies of DonNTU.

The participants of the meeting were able to learn the way of the laboratory of water quality and Konstantinovska treatment facilities of the production directorate of the water and sewage utility company work. They also discovered the possibilities of comprehensive control and research of water quality which is supplied to the residents of the city of Konstantinovka. The report of Elena Shyrokostup about various technologies of water treatment at the reconstructed treatment facilities of the company and the possibilities of using foreign experience, in particular our Polish neighbors, was met with interest. The company’s specialists showed us not only some modern equipment but also an experimental plant which uses the latest technological regimes of biochemical wastewater treatment.

The representatives of the company showed an eager interest in cooperation with the DonNTU scientists in the field of water quality monitoring and development of new technologies for wastewater treatment, as well as preparation of drinking water for consumption. The parties reached an agreement on further prospects of cooperation, including the possibility of the participation of post-graduate students in water quality studies and its purification at the facilities of the “Donbass Water” company.


Yevgen Zbykovskyy,
Head of Department of Chemical Technologies