«English for universities»: participation of DonNTU teachers in British Council project

19-2-2018    International Cooperation   776   

For many years Donetsk National Technical University has fruitfully cooperated with the British Council in Ukraine. In the spring of 2017, the university joined «English for Universities» project, which was initiated by the British Council in Ukraine in December 2013, after the Ministry of Education of Ukraine determined the improvement of English language proficiency in Ukrainian universities as a priority area of activity.

The project aims to help Ukraine to make transformational changes in the English language proficiency both for university lecturers and students, which will contribute to the wider participation of the Ukrainian universities in international events and projects.

This year in July, the teachers of DonNTU took part in the work of a regular summer school organized by the British Council within the framework of the project. Their summer holidays were filled up with intensive and exciting training for professional development. At present, the DonNTU’s participants of the project are included in two groups: English Specialist Teachers (ESP) and specialist teachers who use English as a language of instruction (EMI). 9 teachers of DonNTU were invited to participate in the summer school: ATE (Academic Teaching Excellence) and CiVELT: Essentials (Certificate in Vocational English Language Teaching).

For a few days the English teachers studied some modern approaches to teaching the English language to future specialists and how to choose high-quality authentic materials. They also learned how to plan lessons effectively and the use various forms of interaction between students. All that was done under the guidance of certified trainers. In a separate group under the guidance of a charismatic and talented trainer from the UK, the teachers of specialist subjects that use English for teaching, improved their English proficiency, mastered new approaches to teaching in English and working with foreign students as well as enhancing their professional skills while giving Micro lectures in English for the colleagues from other universities.

The work at the summer school took place in small groups, where teachers had to have discussions with their colleagues, solve complex tasks, create joint projects and present the results of their findings. The summer school was resulted in a plan of events that involves dissemination of the gained knowledge among the teachers of DonNTU and other educational institutions and implementation of the leading approaches to teaching English. All that will undoubtedly contribute to raising the standards of the English language teaching and the level of English proficiency of the teachers and students of DonNTU.


Maryna Kabanets,
Head of Language Training Department