Development of Ukrainian-Polish partnership: scientific traineeship of DonNTU post-graduate student in Gdansk Polytechnic

5-12-2017    International Cooperation   704   

In 2015, a post-graduate student of Department of Chemical Technologies, Faculty of Ecology, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Technology, Yavir Katerina, became a member of the scholarship program «Polish Erasmus for Ukraine». This project was started by the Government of the Republic of Poland in order to support the process of establishing democratic institutions and developing the public capital in Ukraine. Lots of under-graduate students and post-graduate students of the Ukrainian higher educational institutions took part in this program, in particular, the ones from the territories of the antiterrorist operation (Luhansk and Donetsk region) and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. I took an advantage of the chance and participated in the program too.

Many educational institutions from different parts of Poland were involved in the project. I chose to study at Gdańsk Polytechnic. My scientific supervisor was Head of Department of Analytical Chemistry, Professor Jacek Namyesnik.

For the first three months, all the participants of the program studied the Polish language and the Polish culture. All that was necessary for our further studies, since all the subjects had to be taught in Polish according to the rules of the project «Polish Erasmus for Ukraine». In the second part of the project, I did research on «Ionogel fibers based on silicon dioxide for the separation of organic pollutants from water samples using HS-SPME (solid-phase microextraction) and gas chromatography».

As well as doing research, I attended the following courses given by foreign lecturers: «Current Topics in Chromatography» (Prof. Andrzej Psyzyany, Kettering University, USA), «Chromatography of Polar and Ionic Compounds» (Joachim Weis, Leopold-Franzens University, Austria), «Miniaturization and automation of environmental and bioanalytical research» (Prof. Manuel Miro, University of the Balearic Islands, Spain) and others. All the university staff, including my supervisor was very frank, sincere and friendly. They always helped me with solving any problems.

The city of Gdansk is incredibly beautiful and has a wonderful culture. It is a very ancient and a modern European city at the same time. Each year, Gdansk is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Here you can visit the Old Town, where you will find such cultural monuments as the Neptune Fountain, the Artus Palace, the City Hall, the Basilica of St. Mary and many others. Gdansk is also known for its parks and squares, among which the most popular one is Olivsky Park. In the summer, all the inhabitants and guests of the city can enjoy the beautiful beaches at the Baltic Sea.

Katerina Yavir,
Post-graduate student of Department of Chemical technologies