An interesting trip to Germany

23-3-2016    International Cooperation   684   

In March 2016 a team of graduates of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology of Donetsk National Technical University led by its Dean, A.M. Miroshkin, visited the University of Stuttgart and High-Performance Computing Center in Stuttgart (Germany) at the invitation of the Director, Professor Michael Resh.

During the visit, the students had an opportunity to join several research groups, whose efforts are aimed at solving urgent problems of the industry, advanced technologies of energy efficiecy, artificial intelligence, highly productive computation and other fields. In the laboratories of the University of Stuttgart they could work with a simulation models of an on-board computer, an industrial conveyor and they were also able to see how programmable mobile robots played football. They were literally able to play football themselves: the students had a chance to beat a special computer while they were playing table football, but it didn’t turn out to be so easy.

As a part of the cultural program, the students attended a Mercedes-Benz car factory,  where they could see the whole production process of a car starting with a computer design till the test drive of brand new cars, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Mercedes-Benz Maybach. They were also able to drive a car, but only a cyber one. It is obvious that everyone found the trip fascinating.

Attending lectures in Rathaus of the city of Stuttgart was another interesting experience. These meetings are regular and they are intended to convey information on the current state of science and its actual problems to the locals and the city authorities. Last time the lecture was devoted to ‘Industry 4.0’, which reflects the modern trend of European industry.

Willing to see other cities, the students visited Munich and Basel (Germany) and Strasbourg (France). Apart from lots of impressions we got from seeing the architecture, getting to know the culture and trying the food, we can also remember a surfers’ practice in the city park of Munich.

‘You should learn foreign languages, participate in various international programs and  use every opportunity to achieve your dreams’, sums up O.M. Miroshkin.

Irina Hrabovenko,
Head of the Department
 of International Relations