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The first victory in Spain: the first Master’s dissertation on Chemical Technology at the University of La Coruna

1-2-2017    International Cooperation   735   

I happened to have a lucky opportunity to do research in Spain. The University La Coruna gladly gave us their labs. Working on modern equipment and having necessary materials did my research interesting and productive. I can gladly remember the laboratory staff who were very open-hearted and willing to give […]

The friendship that was proven over the years!

8-1-2017    International Cooperation   490   

At the end of November 2016, it was a great honour for me to take part in the annual meeting of Stuttgart University. During the meeting I was able to talk to the Rector of the University, Professor Wolfram Ressel, and discuss the state and prospects of our further cooperation. Professor Ressel assured me that they will support the personnel of Donetsk National Technical University that works in Pokrovsk and on behalf of the administration he expressed a willingness to support our initiative to resume the cooperation of German Technical Faculty with DAAD and the University of Magdeburg.

Spanish colour: training of the lecturers of DonNTU at the University of Lа Corunia

13-12-2016    International Cooperation   689   

On 24-28 October two associate professors of Department of Chemical technologies (Faculty of Machine Building, Ecology and Chemical Technologies), I. Krut’ko and V. Kaulin visited the city of La Coruna, Spain within the international TEMPUS project “RETHINKe” (Reform of education thru international knowledge exchange), which is funded by the European […]

A letter to the University from the Celestial Empire

13-12-2016    International Cooperation   774   

Hello! I am writing to you as an undergraduate student of a Chinese University, Hunan University. In June this year, I got a Bachelor’s degree from Donetsk National Technical University; my specialty was “Systems of technical protection of information.” I got interested in the Chinese culture and language when I […]

The experience that will turn to be useful later in your life

8-12-2016    International Cooperation   637   

Last autumn, I had a great opportunity to visit a Spanish university, the one which was founded in 1989, and gain experience that will certainly turn to be useful later in my life and for my career as well. I was lucky to learn from invaluable expertise of the colleagues […]

GameHub trainings

30-11-2016    International Cooperation   458   

On 9-10 November 2016, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) welcomed the participants of the trainings «User interface for game design», «From Competence to intended Learning Outcomes» and «Assessment of intended Learning Outcomes» as a part of the «GameHub: University-enterprises cooperation in game industry in Ukraine» 561728-EPP-1-2015-1-ES-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP. The […]

Participation of Donetsk National Technical University in the events of International Information Days of the National Week of Program Erasmus+ in Ukraine

27-11-2016    hetes-en , International Cooperation   498   

Last week, the lecturers of Donetsk National Technical University, who are also the participants of international projects, took part in the events of international information days of the national week of Program Erasmus+ in Ukraine (15-16 November), which is a part of the program of the European Union aimed at […]

Days of National Erasmus + Office in Ukraine: informative materials

25-11-2016    International Cooperation , notification   266   

Opportunities for foreign internships and participation in cultural and educational projects for students of Donetsk National Technical University

21-11-2016    International Cooperation   526   

On 16 November, the student council of Donetsk National Technical University held a press conference “Opportunities for foreign internships and participation in cultural and educational projects for students of Donetsk National Technical University”, which was done in the framework of the events dedicated to the International Day of students. The […]

The Consul General Wolfgang Mossinger thanked the Rector of Donetsk National Technical University

11-11-2016    International Cooperation   433   

From 26 to 30 September, 2016 Donetsk National Technical University hostedvarious events devoted to the days of the German culture “Great Germany in a small town of Pokrovsk”. The Consul General Wolfgang Mossinger, who actively participated in the week of Germany in Ukraine, was amazed by the number of the […]