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A seminar by Sergey Geraskov

13-4-2017    International Cooperation   389   

A journey to the East: a scientific training of an Assistant Professor Sergey Geraskov within the program “The Japan Foundation“ On 11, April at the initiative of Department of International Relations, a workshop was held for the students and staff of Donetsk National Technical University by Sergey Geraskov, PhD, Associate […]

Further joint research at the University of Stuttgart

7-4-2017    International Cooperation   502   

Within the framework of international cooperation of Donetsk National Technical University with the University of Stuttgart (Germany), which has a long history of contacts with DonNTU, Head of Department of Computer Engineering, Professor Vladimir Svyatny and a doctoral student, Assistant Professor Oleksandr Miroshkin had an opportunity to visit the city […]

“Japan is an integral part of my life”: a scientific training of an Assistant Professor, Sergey Geraskov in Japan

31-3-2017    International Cooperation   741   

Dear readers (visitors of our website), we would like to present to you the second interview with a PhD, Assistant Professor Sergey Geraskov. Sergey has recently returned from Japan, where he did a research “The image of Ukraine in Japan: factors of formation”. Sergey, can you tell us about the […]

Letter to the Alma Mater from the University of Chemistry and Technology (Prague, the Czech Republic)

31-3-2017    International Cooperation   575   

At the end of February, two post-graduate students of Department of Chemical Technologies, Iryna Danylo and Svitlana Omelchenko left for Prague for training at the University of Chemistry and Technology within the program of international cooperation for young scientists from the displaced universities. Hello to everyone from a magic and […]

The project HETES: development of engineering education at Donetsk National Technical University based on the principles of sustainable development

13-3-2017    hetes-en , International Cooperation   548   

In 2017 Donetsk National Technical University continues working on the international project Tempus 543966 “Higher Engineering Training For Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development (HETES)”. The project intends to start higher engineering education for environmentally sustainable industrial development based on the technical universities in Ukraine. Our Ukrainian partners of the project are […]

Visit of Professor V. Svyatny to Germany

13-3-2017    International Cooperation   558   

From 01.02.17 till 31.03.17 Professor V. Svyatny was doing research at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) as a guest-professor. The research is related to the parallel simulation of complex dynamic systems and it is done with the German colleagues in an ultra-high performance computing center (HLRS). While he was in […]

Successful defense of thesis at Silesian Technical University

27-2-2017    International Cooperation   609   

Getting a degree is not only a memorable event in your life, but also a result of hard work and extensive research. Yevgen Podkopaev’s defense of the thesis has become such an event for Mining Faculty of our University. It should be noted that the research work was carried out […]

Double victory of DonNTU in the competition of social projects

27-2-2017    International Cooperation   505   

Two projects of Donetsk National Technical University − “Art Lighthouse” and “Child’s life: teach in order to save!” have been funded by the British Council in Ukraine. At the preparatory stage of the competition, the organizer,which is the Coordinating Centre of displaced universities, received 85 projects that aimed at qualitative […]

Partner aid of Consulate General of Germany

22-2-2017    International Cooperation   510   

Donetsk National Technical University has recently received some new laboratory equipment for Department of Chemical Technologies thanks to the partner aid of Consulate General of Germany in Donetsk (temporarily located in the city of Dnipro). The partner aid resulted from the fruitful work of the Consulate General and personally the […]

Student leaders from DonNTU continue their training in Winter School of Leadership in Lviv within Fulbright academic exchange program

6-2-2017    International Cooperation   751   

At the beginning of January 2017, Ukrainian Catholic University welcomed the students of the displaced universities to study at Winter School of Leadership. The event was arranged thanks to the support of Kiev office of Kennan Institute, Fulbright academic exchange programsand the Institute of Leadership and Management. The students of […]